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Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island


Three years ago Discovery audiences first met mischievous twins Zip and Zap on their adventure with their Marble Gang. Older but clearly not much wiser, they’re back again with another prank-filled adventure, only this time their parents are involved. And there’s also a time machine, a cave full of treasure, a submarine and a gorilla…

When a Christmas tree in a toy shop is mysteriously set on fire, Zip and Zap once again find themselves in a spot of bother. With the traditional holiday treats cancelled as punishment, their parents take them to an isolated island in order to give them the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour. Driving across the remote island roads, the family lose their way late at night and take refuge in a strange-looking orphanage, run by the rather odd Miss Pam. The following morning, Zip and Zap discover their parents are gone and – when they are also prevented from leaving – the boys begin to suspect that the house might just be haunted. As they search high and low for their parents, they find a whole new world of the truly strange.

This Spanish language action-adventure film features darkly comic moments, a touch of the surreal, and twists and turns aplenty. Along the way, Zip and Zap will begin to appreciate the importance of family, and learn that you often don’t really understand the true importance of something until it has been taken away.