Supa Modo - Schools Screening


A huge fan of superhero and action movies, nine-year-old Jo lives in hospital. When her family are told that her illness is terminal and there is nothing further that can be done for her, she returns to her village. While her mother is very protective of her every move, insisting she stays indoors and rests, Jo’s older sister Mwix decides she should have the chance to fulfil her dream of being a superhero. Convincing the whole village to help out, Mwix makes sure that Jo’s final days are full of moments where she is called upon to play the hero and demonstrate her superpowers. But maybe being a real hero is a whole lot more than catching thieves and stopping runaway trucks?

With its heartfelt belief in the power and positivity of imagination, this is a film that finds joy in even the saddest of situations. Demonstrating enormous strength in adversity, our young caped crusader makes her distinctive mark in the world around her and shows that superheroes really do come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Screened to great acclaim at a number of leading film festivals, this German-Kenyan co-production was created to give African filmmakers the chance to get their stories out to an international audience. It may sound like a very downbeat, sad tale, but instead it offers an uplifting insight into the hidden strengths that young people can show, and the humour and joy that can be found in even the darkest hour.

Dir: Likarion Wainaina
Germany / Kenya 2018 / 1h14m / Age 8+
Kikuyu, Swahili and English with English subtitles

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