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Shorts for Wee Ones


Our hand-picked collections of short films are always the busiest part of the festival, with many people coming back year after year to see what the latest micro-offerings are. Increasingly popular when they go out on tour across Scotland and the rest of the UK after the festival, this is the chance for our Tayside audiences to see them first! In 2017 we will be presenting films from a whole host of countries, including Sweden, France, Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

Our old friend The Little Bird is back with a new pal (as well as that sly old fox), we watch a hungry tiger find a tasty meal and learn how a big, old bear finds his singing voice. A little boy has to save an adventurous fish during a water shortage, and someone desperate to go to sleep learns that there is music all around, whether he likes it or not!

All these short films are in English or are dialogue free (except for one with one word of German – and it’s very easy to understand!).

These magical tales will delight children age 3+ and are a colourful introduction to the cinema experience.

Get creative before the film screening with our one of our Wee Ones Workshops. We have Tiger Tales on Sun 29 October and Squirrel Antics on Sat 4 November. Tickets are £1 with your cinema ticket: just add your ticket to your basket when booking for the film.