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Shorts for Wee Ones 2020

Discovery Film Festival

This year’s Discovery Film Festival is looking a little different to previous editions, as much of it is being presented online. However, we couldn’t let the 17th edition of the festival pass without premiering the always popular collections of short films, curated especially for our Discovery audiences, here in the cinema auditorium. As before, we have collections suitable for Wee Ones (aged 3 and older), and Middle Ones (aged 8 and older) – but please note that this year there are some films that feature in both collections. 

Once again this is a truly international smorgasbord of delights – hailing from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Russia – with a full range of animation styles telling stories suited to all the family.

There’s an ice cream-loving sloth, a lynx that comes out of the forest for some night-time fun in a deserted townscape and a cat that isn’t too successful when it comes to playing draughts. Four Arctic hares are called out on an emergency rescue mission in the frozen North and a wee wolf discovers the power of imagination to keep him warm in the winter winds. Our old friend The Little Bird is back, this time making friends with some bees, whilst a very musical spider has to come up with a new plan when their web is suddenly broken.

Most of these short films are in English or are dialogue-free. One has some very brief Russian dialogue with English subtitles.

Sloth, 2018, Julia Ocker, Germany (3'37")
Little Grey Wolfy – The Winter Story, 2016, Natalia Malykhina, Norway (6')
Patchwork Spider (Die Spinne auf meiner Schmusedecke), 2019, Angela Steffen, Germany (3'54")
A Lynx In The Town (Un lynx dans la ville), 2019, Nina Bisiarina, France (7'06")
The Little Bird And The Bees (Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen), 2020, Lena von Döhren, Switzerland (4'30")
Leaf (Lístek), 2020, Aliona Baranova, Belarus/Czech Republic (5'40") - no dialogue
Mishou, 2020, Milen Vitanov, Germany/Bulgaria (8') - no dialogue
6:1, 2018, Sergei Ryabov, Russia (2'46") - (Russian with English subtitles – dialogue is minimal and not essential to following the story)

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