Shorts for Middle Ones - Schools Screening


This is always a patchwork of experiences – funny, sad, thrilling, emotional and, in one particular case, a tad stomach-churning (in a very tasteful way, of course!). With advice and suggestions from a number of young people (including the P7s from St Luke's & St Matthew's RC Primary School – who all loved the stomach-churning one!) these specially selected short films do present a broad and brilliant world view. 

Polar bears cross their disappearing ice floes, a stylish cat and an impoverished artist learn to create beautiful artworks together, a perfect gold heist goes horribly awry and the Mona Lisa finds herself in entirely new surroundings. And then there are those chameleons: one trying to impress a potential mate, and the other? Well, let’s just say it’s a documentary that David Attenborough clearly had no involvement in…

Most of these films are dialogue free, proving words aren’t always necessary when telling exquisite stories. However, one story is in French with English subtitles (it’s made by those lovely folk who brought us A Cat in Paris) and another has French spoken in the background (subtitles not required).

If you’re not quite sure how these films can be used in your classroom, come to one of our hands-on CLPL sessions. 

Dirs: Various
Various countries 2015-17 / 55m / Age 8+
English, French with English subtitles or dialogue free

We are open for school bookings from 11:00 on Thu 24 August until Fri 3 November (with priority booking at our Teachers Preview).

Please book early as many films sell out. To be certain of our assistance with your travel arrangements please book before Wed 27 September.

To book, please call DCA Box Office on 01382 909 900.