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Shorts for Middle Ones 2019


Always fresh and hugely imaginative, each of the short films in this compendium offers its own unique take on storytelling and dramatic style. Representing countries such as France, Switzerland, Estonia, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the UK, audiences from the age of 8 upwards will find lots to enjoy within the huge variety of the films on offer.

"Fresh and hugely imaginative..."

We watch birds of a feather learning to flock together, discover the reasons for a young boy’s obsessive interest in hedgehogs and see the (self-professed) world’s finest mountain rescue team in action saving a stranded, and very unlucky, Alpine skier. One film looks at a very special relationship between a boy and his grandfather, and how their shared hobby of kite flying holds them together during difficult times. There’s an introduction to absurdism involving a tricycle and a pear, a high diving competition between very ill-matched contestants and a vision of a topsy-turvy world in which parents and children swap places and behaviours.

Nearly all the films are dialogue free, with a couple in English – and one which has some brief subtitling of the original French.