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Every year the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair offers thousands of young people from around the world a stage from which to present their scientific proposals and inventions to a prestigious lineup of judges and fellow high schoolers. With the added incentive of a $75,000 prize for the winner of the best overall project, it’s like a massive Britain’s Got Talent – but for science geeks.

Following several wannabe champions through the various stages of their route to the 2017 finals, we are introduced to a broad range of characters from very different backgrounds around the world. We meet Myllena and Gabriel from Brazil, who have identified a protein capable of interfering with the spread of Zika in the human body; German student Ivo, who dreams of revolutionizing aeronautics, and West Virginia maths genius Robbie, who’s obsessed with computer programming and has rewired the school’s calculators to spit out Shakespearean insults (e.g. “thou art an unwashed buttock”).

Winner of the first ever Audience Award at the prestigious Sundance film festival, this is an affectionate and hugely entertaining look at the world of the science nerd.