Room 213 - Schools Screening


Shy and retiring, 12-year-old Elvira arrives on the first day of summer camp feeling even more anxious as a result of her best friend’s last minute cancellation. Left to fend for herself, she has just met her new roommates Bea and Meja when the news of a burst water pipe in their proposed room forces them to move to Room 213 – where no one has stayed in 60 years. Strange things begin to happen to their belongings, and the girls initially suspect each other of messing about and petty thieving. That is, until a letter scrawled in ancient handwriting leads the girls to find an old lady in a suitably spooky house in the woods, where they hear the story of a girl who died at the camp six decades earlier. Could this be the same red-haired girl in a white dress they have seen sneaking through the corridors at night?

Based on the hugely popular young adult coming-of-age novel by Swedish writer Ingelin Angerborn, Room 213 has been well received not only on its cinematic release in Sweden but also at a number of international film festivals. With excellent production values, terrific performances by the young cast and the expert use of some very special effects, this is a powerful tale of young female friendship set against the backdrop of a summer camp ghost story.

And for any teachers worried for the safety of their fingernails, the Hollywood Reporter offers reassurance: “Room 213 offers something very rare today: a horror movie which provides wholesome entertainment with hardly a nasty shock throughout its 80-minute running time … a simple, smooth and serene paranormal drama devoid of violence or unspeakable traumas”.

Dir: Emelie Lindblom
Sweden 2017 / 1h21m / Age 10+
Swedish with English subtitles

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