Regardez, écoutez, discutez… Shorts for Language Practice - Schools Screening


Last year we ran this event for the first time to great success, so we are offering a similar experience again, this time targeting P2/P3 students. Short films as a stimulus for language practice and development are becoming increasingly recognised as a valid classroom tool – this year’s Scottish Learning Festival will include a presentation from the 1+2 PanTayside practitioners on their development and delivery of this very project.

Once again the sessions will focus primarily on French, though options for equivalent activity in Spanish and German are also planned. As before, we will be taking a selection of the shorts featured in our Wee and Middle Ones collections and creating an interactive session in the cinema, where groups will watch a number of short films and then engage in practical language tasks inspired by what they have just seen. Led by experienced Modern Language teachers currently engaged in the 1+2 scheme, this will be a chance for your pupils to watch, listen - and speak.

If you’re interested in this new opportunity, and would like to know more about how it can be developed in your own classroom, then come along to our linked CLPL session, where you can have a preview of some of the films and try out a selection of the activities for yourselves. 

Dir: Various
Various countries 2015-17 / 90m / Ages 6 - 8
Dialogue free

We are open for school bookings from 11:00 on Thu 24 August until Fri 3 November (with priority booking at our Teachers Preview).

Please book early as many films sell out. To be certain of our assistance with your travel arrangements please book before Wed 27 September.

To book, please call DCA Box Office on 01382 909 900.