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Not Without Us!


Offering an insight into the lives of children around the globe, this deceptively simple but inspirational documentary raises a whole raft of questions about the world we live in today, and what it offers for the citizens of tomorrow.

As we follow 16 children from 14 countries over five continents, it becomes clear the young protagonists’ backgrounds and personalities are as diverse as their fears, hopes and dreams are similar. Whether they are growing up in a privileged environment in the affluent western world, in the poor regions of Africa or Asia, a slum, city, rainforest, plateau, snow-covered mountain, small town, or river delta – environmental pollution, climate change, and the destruction of natural habitats and resources are universal topics that affect them all.

Some factors common to many of the children’s concerns include a fear of war, environmental destruction, child labour, prostitution and criminality, though equally they often refer to shared values and similar desires for education, work opportunities, home, family and friends. The 16 children in the film reveal their thoughts, desires, fears and hopes, and how they would like to change the world.

Each child is interviewed whilst undertaking their individual journeys to school – not a reality enjoyed by all young people – and the variety of modes of transport they use, including walking, bike, bus, boat, subway, donkey, skateboard and ski, reflect the many and varied voices of young people across the world today.