My Life as a Courgette - Schools Screening


After accidentally causing the death of his alcoholic mother, ten-year-old Icare (who prefers the nickname ‘Courgette’) is taken to the local children’s home by kindly policeman Raymond. Shy at first, Courgette soon gets to know the other resident boys and girls, each with their own sad story of how they ended up in the home. Gradually, thanks to the care and affection of the devoted staff, the friendship of the other resident children and the much-enjoyed visits by Raymond, Courgette begins to settle into his new life. And when little Camille arrives as the centre’s latest resident, it is as if his world has finally begun to shine.

Working with a powerful script by Céline Sciamma (Tomboy and Girlhood), My Life as a Courgette tackles some difficult issues, but it also shows the life-changing power that kindness and support can have on a child with even the most difficult of starts. With their big eyes and authentic voices (director Claude Barras cast age appropriate actors for the voices), these puppets have a powerful message to deliver – that a young life can be tough but it also can be beautifully resilient.

Dir: Claude Barras
Switzerland / France 2016 / 1h6m / PG
French with English subtitles

Our Young Ambassadors said:

“really likeable and fun characters that you care for… an important and slightly dark message hidden in bright happy colours… heartwarming… an important message about found family… heartbreaking and emotive… tackles some really important issues… amicable et très marrant”

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