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Love Beats - School Screening


Edu, a young musician who lives in London, returns for ten days to his hometown in Spain to attend his brother's wedding. The return awakens in him the need to recover everything he left behind: especially his connection with his former flame, Alicia, who is now the girlfriend of his best friend Juanma.

This gentle, character-driven romantic drama looks at the age-old questions that arise when returning home after living/working/studying away. How easy is it to pick up where things were left with family, friends, acquaintances – and is home really where the heart is? Whilst the casual banter with ex-school friends in the bars and cafes may be quickly re-established, what of the deeper relationships with parents, siblings and former sweethearts? Do the dreams we start out with always last? Or do they need to be renegotiated in the light of inevitable change in the people and places around us? Is nostalgia for home necessarily rose-tinted? And for Edu – should he stay? Or should he go (back to London)?

Our Young Ambassadors said:
“Shows that there doesn’t need to be a jumping, extremely intricate storyline for a film to be good … it isn’t one for thrillseekers but rather those who want to delve into an emotional connection with the characters … the dialogue between the boys is really realistic … a thoughtful film about choosing the right path … the soundtrack accompanied the film perfectly … honest and gentle. Wholesome …the insight into another culture is captured perfectly”

Dir: Roberto Bueso
Spain 2019 / 1h30m / Ages 15+
Spanish with English subtitles

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