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I Am William
(Jeg er William)

Discovery Film Festival

Join us to send off Discovery Film Festival for another year with our delightful closing film, a vibrant story from Denmark about one young person’s journey to get a grip on the life he’s been given.

William doesn’t always have the easiest life. With his mother in hospital, he is sent to live with his Uncle Nils. The somewhat unconventional Uncle Nils has no regular job and gets by with some imaginative wheeler-dealering, which he boldly describes as “import/export”. His attitudes to other people are less than tolerant, his kitchen skills are limited and, on top of everything, he has a taste for gambling. When this gets him into serious trouble with the local gangster, it’s time for William to step up and save Uncle Nils from himself and the sticky situation he has got himself in. At the same time, he needs to work out his own problems at his new school with three menacing bullies and a growing crush on the effortlessly cool Viola…

Perky, sparky and hugely enjoyable, this is a feel-good film in which everyone learns a thing or two about themselves. Even lovable Uncle Nils and his somewhat outdated attitudes move forward a century or two…