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Dessau Dancers

Jan Martin Scharf

The year is 1985 and when Frank and his friend Alex see a film about New York breakdancers, they practically backflip out of the cinema onto the streets of their hometown of Dessau, East Germany. Their street corner dancing soon draws a crowd, including members of the Stasi who are initially concerned by the Western attitudes of the young dancers. And so ‘acrobatic show dance’ is born – a state-sponsored art form. But how long can this enforced collaboration last? And how much compromise will the young dancers accept?

This is a fascinating mix of film genres and styles – think The Lives of Others meets Street Dance – and offers a truly unique vision of a time and a place that already seems worlds away. Teenage rebellious high spirits and the demand for social conformity will always create sparks – as this film demonstrates with all the vibrancy and panache of a dayglo tracksuit spinning around on a piece of cardboard.

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The Scooby Gang came along to DCA for a preview of Dessau Dancers before the festival - you can read their review here.