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Ciné Sunday: Goodbye Berlin


A road movie. A buddy movie. A coming-of-age tale. A high school movie (just set during the holidays). An adaptation of Wolfgang Herrndorf’s best-selling young adult novel Tschick, this is a rollercoaster ride of tremendously entertaining proportions from acclaimed German director Fatih Akin.

It’s the start of the summer holidays, but 14-year-old Maik is most definitely not care-free. His mother is once again ‘at the beauty farm’ – which means she’s in rehab; his father is off on an alleged ‘business trip’ with a female assistant not much older than Maik and there’s still no invitation to the birthday party of the coolest girl in his class. So when his unconventional Russian classmate Tschick suddenly shows up in a ‘borrowed’ light blue Lada, offering a spontaneous road trip, Maik finds himself saying an only slightly hesitant ‘yes’. As they set off on an unforgettable joyride, with neither a phone nor a map, the boys will learn about self-confidence, mutual friendship and the excitement of youthful love in what will be, hands down, the best summer ever.

Goodbye Berlin was selected by our Discovery Young Ambassadors, a group of film-loving 15-19 year-olds. Here's what they have to say about it:

"Oh my, absolutely amazing, like the summer road trip fun we all dream of."

"Great storyline, well paced."

"The dialogue felt very realistic, it was stuff teenagers would say."

"Dealt with serious subjects in a lighthearted way (refreshing)."

"Far from what I expected at the start."

"Great acting from the two young leads."

"In a word, kick-ass!”