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Ciné Sunday: Fanny's Journey


In 1943, war sweeps across Europe and in Nazi-occupied France the lives of Jewish people are increasingly under threat. Thirteen-year-old Fanny and her younger sisters have been living in a foster home for Jewish children, away from their parents and from public scrutiny, but the danger is drawing closer and they are once more forced to flee. Planning an escape across the border and into Switzerland, a small band of children set off on an incredible journey that will test their ingenuity and will to survive. When their adult chaperone goes missing, the group looks to Fanny for leadership, and she must learn to become their guide, mentor and parental figure, remaining strong for them whilst struggling to find the bravery and determination she needs for herself.

This film is an incredible tale of bravery, strength and survival, the true story of a daring young girl who learns to stop at nothing and fear no one. With an incredibly gutsy performance from first-time actress Léonie Souchaud, the story is absorbing and affecting, and all the more impactful for being based on real events. Although dealing with dark times and an ever-present threat of detection, the worst moments of the narrative are not presented on screen, so the film remains accessible to a family audience and children of a similar age to the characters. The winner of several awards at festivals worldwide, this is a thrilling telling of an important tale and a natural successor to last year’s very popular Secrets of War.