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Sprightly Chuskit’s dream of going to school is cut short when she is rendered a paraplegic after an accident. She’s confined to life indoors in the company of her strict grandfather, Dorje. Chuskit continues to harbour hopes of school but Dorje tries to make her understand that school can’t handle her needs. Caught between their struggle are Chuskit’s parents and her enterprising brother who want to respect the old world views that Dorje represents, but also want to keep Chuskit’s spirit alive.

"A fascinating portrait of a different world..." 

Based on the real life experiences of the film director’s sister, who works with the differently abled in this remote region of northern India, this is a story of resilience and determination in the face of obstacles – both physical and cultural – at every turn. Priya Ramasubban, who wrote and directed this film, has said that she “shaped Chuskit’s character to be unrelenting and gave her the spunk to triumph over adversity. For most children outside the West, life as a differently abled person is tough at best and excruciatingly hard at worst. My wish is that a small measure of hope and inspiration stays with the audiences when they walk away from my film”. With a remarkable performance by first time actor Jigmet Dewa Lhamo as Chuskit this is a fascinating portrait of a different world but one where the unwavering tenacity required to achieve one’s dreams can speak to us all.