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Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life
(Belle et S├ębastien 3, le dernier chapitre)

Discovery Film Festival

We’re delighted to open this year’s Discovery Film Festival with the latest tale about Sebastian and his beautiful Pyrenean mountain dog Belle. This is a charming tale for all the family, even if you haven’t followed Belle and Sebastian’s previous adventures together.

“…a thoroughly enjoyable tale.”

Life in Belle and Sebastian’s village perched high in the French Alps continues, only slightly complicated by Belle having had three adorable puppies, who seem to need an awful lot of chasing after and gathering together. But when Sebastian’s guardian Angelina and her boyfriend Pierre announce they are to get married and are planning to leave the mountain, Sebastian fears the worst: he has no wish to leave behind the life he has grown to love. And then a whole new problem arises when a sinister stranger named Joseph arrives in the village, claiming to be Belle’s previous owner and demanding to take the dog and her puppies away with him. It’s up to Sebastian to do whatever it takes to keep his extended family together…

The gorgeous snowy Alpine locations and a story about the importance of family and the little acts of heroism required to keep folk together all come together here in a thoroughly enjoyable tale.

Join us after the film in Create Space for our Discovery opening gala reception - there'll be tea, cake and creative activities for all the family!