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Ask Hasselbalch

Pelle Nørhmann would tell you he is no-one special. Aged 12, he is a loner at school, picked on by bullies and ignored by Amanda, the beautiful classmate he pines for. One day he is bitten by a large and strange-looking ant and things begin to change. Developing a range of (very) unusual powers, Pelle still tries not to draw attention to himself, until comic book nerd Wilhelm finds out and encourages him to take full advantage. Only when he realises he can impress Amanda does Pelle start to use his powers to fight crime. When an equally powerful opponent called The Flea shows up and kidnaps Amanda, Antboy and Wilhelm are faced with their biggest challenge yet as the pint-sized superhero takes on a true supervillain.

Based on the popular Danish book series by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, Antboy is a classic good vs. evil action movie, with the strong central message that ultimately you don’t need superpowers to be true to yourself and your friends. Re-energising the superhero genre for a younger audience, this is a rollickingly good fun caper movie – who needs Spiderman when Antboy is in town?