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Antboy - Revenge of the Red Fury
(Antboy - den Rode Furies Hævn)

Ask Hasselbalch

Following his defeat of the arch villain Albert Gæmelkrå (aka The Flea), Antboy is the toast of the town and something of a celebrity. But 13 year-old Pelle Nørhmann – the boy behind the ant mask – is finding it very hard to balance his everyday life with his superhero responsibilities. As a new threat to the city is posed by The Terror Twins, the latest benefactors of The Flea’s sinister DNA altering serum, Antboy must foil their attempts to wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Pelle has to deal with his own problems at school caused by Christian, the new (and supercool) kid in town who has designs on Ida, Pelle’s favourite classmate.

Antboy returns to our screens in his latest blockbusting adventure following his huge success at last year’s Discovery Film Festival. Don’t worry if you missed 2014’s instalment, you’ll soon be up to speed with the comic book conventions and Antboy’s very special abilities (including acidic pee that destroys ceramics and metals!). Focusing on how unique talents can often lead to feelings of being left out and isolated, and the redeeming power of friendship, this is a rip-roaring superhero movie firmly rooted in the world of the young. Who needs Ant-Man when Antboy is in town?