5 Rupees - Schools Screening


Seven-year-old Hamid lives with his grandmother in a small village at the foot of the Himalayas. Although poor, they have a very happy life together, and their loving relationship is the envy of many other families in the community. Though Hamid may not be the best student in the village school, and sometimes struggles to make friends with the other boys in his class, life is good. And when his  grandmother promises him a whole five rupee coin to celebrate the approaching Eid festival, Hamid is thrilled. A travelling funfair is in the next village, and Hamid and his classmates see a golden opportunity to celebrate the public holiday in style. Will this small dream of his come true – and if it does, will it come at a cost?

Based on a short story, this is a simple tale beautifully told, with glorious cinematography and outstanding performances – one by a first timer on screen and the other a legend of the Indian film industry, actress Shabana Azmi. The focus on village life and the religious rituals that come with each season offers a warm and sympathetic vision of a community at ease with its Islamic beliefs and practices. But its seeming simplicity is deceptive, as the smallest of gestures and actions can have an impact on the balance in the community and the relationships within. Full of beauty, this film is a powerful depiction of the moments in our younger years when true innocence was a time of hope and happiness.

How would you choose to spend your five rupees?

Dir: Piyush Panjuani
India 2017 / 1h22m / Ages 8+
Hindi with English subtitles

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